Current Trends in Using Video Backgrounds for Web Design

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It is no surprise that videos are currently among the most popular options for website backgrounds. After all, they connect with your audience on a better scale compared to still photographs and texts. With increasing Internet speeds and advanced browser technology, video backgrounds are no longer slowing down the webpage load speeds.

Background videos connect with and entertain your clients while giving them a good glimpse of what your brand is all about. There are various video background web design trends your designer in Provo might recommend for your site. Here are some of them:

Simple Videos with a Contrast

Currently, the best style for a video background is a simple one with a built-in heavy contrast between your page’s text and the video. This is typically achieved by darkening your text while lightening the video or vice versa. This trend is generally used for videos with uniform footage and minimal colors.

Muted Videos

Sites with a background video, which is set up on auto play, typically have loud audio. This is a turn off for most visitors as it sounds annoying and is unwelcoming. It usually leads to a high bounce rate. The current trend is to mute your background video and give users a choice on whether or not to click on the audio.

Partial-Height Videos

Not all video backgrounds need to be full screen. More sites are now opting to limit their video background’s height and leave room to access other areas of your webpage. This way, the video fits nicely into your header without belittling the surrounding content.

If pictures are equal to a thousand words, videos must be worth a trillion. This explains why online video content now attracts over 80% of digital traffic. With the above cutting-edge trends, your site is guaranteed to tap into this massive traffic and boost your brand awareness and profits.

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