Eye on Recruitment: Making a Video for a Sports Scholarship

Sports Scholarship Video Services in MinnesotaIt used to be a little harder to be noticed even when you’re the star athlete in your basketball or football team. Unless your school’s games get broadcast on TV and receive the right amount of media coverage, coaches and agents from university or professional teams might not find you. You have to be that good, that special to be noticed even if you’re in the boonies.

These days, however, it’s much easier to be noticed or “discovered.” Here are some ways to make that happen.

Make a Professional Video

Hire sports scholarship video services in Minnesota to produce your own video. A professional video is more likely to catch attention because of its quality. The video, showcasing your talent that deserves consideration for any university’s lineup, will be seen by different teams, coaches, agents, etc. so quality is definitely a huge bonus.

Compile Your Videos

A friend can do the filming using a digital video camera, a GoPro, or even a smartphone. Using a simple video editing app, put your videos together and save them in a flash drive or on DVD. The advantage of this is it’s cheap and anyone can do it. The disadvantages may outweigh the advantages, though. It’s not going to be professional in quality, the picture may be blurry or pixelated. If you used different devices, the videos might not have the same color or might not even be compatible. So if you have the budget, go the professional route instead.

In some cases, a video uploaded to YouTube might lead to the discovery of a phenom. This is how today’s technology has changed the way athletes are found and given the chance to compete and showcase their talents in front of a bigger audience, with bigger stakes. Consider using professional services for filming and editing your videos. The quality might even be the difference between getting the call you want and the opposite.

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