Great Web Design 101: 4 Questions to Ask

Web Design

Websites have become the most popular medium for businesses to get their brands and products out to a much wider audience. A well-designed website is often a strong determinant of success. To make the most of your site, here are four questions you need to ask, according to Create Ape, a web design expert in Newport Beach.

1. How do you improve usability?

Every website has one major priority: its visitors. They are the ones who will help the site rise in rankings and will also be, possibly, its best customers. Expert graphic designers know this and will prioritize the usability of your website more than just the aesthetics. Hire the one that will help you achieve this in the best way possible.

2. Can you hand in your portfolio?

Next up, you’ll also want to know what you’re in for. A portfolio is a great gauge of this. It will showcase the design sensibilities of the web designer as well as how they handled specific needs. If you see something that immediately catches your eye, chances are you’ll work well together.

3. How do you handle revisions?

As much as like it to be, websites are constantly evolving — and great web design is always working to catch up. So don’t be shy about inquiring on their methodology and how they handle revisions. It will go a long way towards setting the tone of your long term relationship with your web designer.

4. What metrics do you go by?

Just how does one measure the success of a website? While look and feel might be good clues you for a site’s success, ultimately, it’s the numbers that truly matter. Come to an agreement with your prospective designer on which metrics will measure the success of the design, and it will ensure that everyone walks away satisfied.

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Seek the answers to the four questions to your satisfaction, and you can guarantee that you’ll hire the best web designer for the job.