How Can You Improve Your Ecommerce Website’s Traffic and Sales?

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Your e-commerce website is the likely place people will shop at, especially if they do not want to leave their homes or are always mobile. You need to improve it to generate traffic, convert more visitors and improve their shopping experience.

Experts from website design company CreativeWorks cite the following techniques that will enable you to achieve your business and sales objectives.

Pay for Traffic

E-commerce owners have plenty of options to generate traffic and convert visitors, one of which is through paid traffic. Many platforms and search engines allow users to pay for advertisement. Google, Facebook and others provide businesses with options to find the audience likely to purchase. You do not have to spend advertising money on people who show no interest in your brand or are too further up the sales funnel to even consider buying.

Features of these platforms allow you to filter people who see your ads based on various characteristics and behaviours. This makes sure you get what you pay for and only spend on possibly interested customers.

Re-target Your Visitors

A person that stumbled upon your website may not know what he or she wants—yet. This does not mean, however, he or she will not purchase. This is when re-targeting becomes important. It allows you to display ads to visitors who browsed your e-commerce store and looked at certain pages. This strategy enables you to show them products they may want after seeing your website. You can also provide discounts and special promotions.

Display Security Icons

Security badges and icons on your site improve its trustworthiness. These allay the fears of potential customers about hacking or phishing. A smooth and secure payment transaction may seem like a small thing but may mean the difference between a successful sale and an abandoned cart.

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These are some techniques that can improve the conversion, sales rate and traffic generated by your e-commerce website. Implement these to attract more customers and reach your goals.