Improve the Color Scheme of Your Website

Website designer experimenting on color scheme

The color scheme of your site is an important aspect; it allows you to elicit certain emotions and responses, create positive associations and strengthen your brand. An expert on web design here in Wisconsin cites the following ideas you can apply to improve the way you choose and combine colors.

These are the reasons you need to choose the right colors for your website.

Identify a Dominant Color

Coke has its distinct red color; the brand uses it across different platforms and the company’s customers clearly associate “red” with Coca-Cola whenever they see a drink using that color. This is what you want to achieve in your branding campaigns.

One of the ways to do this is to identify a dominant color when you improve the scheme of your website. You want a particular color to stand out whenever a visitor goes to your pages. A dominant hue allows you to convey your messaging accurately, because of the emotions and responses it may elicit.

Colors have personalities; such as black represents luxury and power, while blue is calmness and peace. Determine if the hues match your equity and your target market.

Consider Gender and Age

Men and women have colors they like and dislike; factor this in when you choose a hue for your website. Both genders like blue, but to varying degrees; and men dislike certain colors that women may like.

You also have to consider the age of your audience; as they prefer certain colors to others.

These factors may affect the conversion rate of your website. That is why you should determine which hues work best for your branding.

Find Accent Colors

You may already have a dominant color, but to add personality and another dimension to your scheme, identify accent colors. These allow you to accentuate certain parts of your website and complement the overall design, which contribute to your brand equity and identity.

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These ideas allow you to improve your website’s color scheme; you have to consider certain factors so that your site performs better, gets a higher conversion rate and a lower bounce rate.