Key Areas You Should Focus on for an Efficient PPC Remarketing Campaign

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PPC remarketing is an efficient way to keep advertising to customers who have visited your site. An efficient campaign, however, goes beyond showing your adverts to customers over and over again. There are some ways you can restructure your campaign to improve your ROI.

Getting a digital marketing agency well experienced in PPC remarketing campaigns in Minneapolis is one of the key things to ensure you run a successful campaign. Though there exist many ways to boost your campaign, there are some key areas you should focus on to increase your ROI.

Type of Ad

Image, video and text ads are some of ads you can select. You can create image ads in several sizes, including banner, rectangle, and square.

Experts recommend 3–4 display ads per group and testing various images and messaging ad sizes to evaluate what works for you. Text ads are the fundamental types of ads, but you should always ensure your target customers’ websites support them.

Ad Frequency and Duration

Remarketing is a delicate balance between closely monitoring your customers and staying on top of their minds. Frequency capping helps you set the number of times your ad shows to your customers over a determined period.

You could start with 7–10 impressions per customer daily and scale up and down according to their response.

Remarketing Lists Audit

Remember to always audit your remarketing campaign for optimum ROI. You can set your calendar to review the campaigns at least once every quarter depending on your advertising volume.

PPC remarketing is continually improving. Ensure you work closely with your marketing agency to remain relevant. When handled correctly, these remarketing campaigns will boost your revenue significantly.

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