Most Common Web Design Booboos to Avoid

Web Design

To stay alive in today’s highly competitive business environment, you need to have a well-designed website. This involves selecting the right design elements. The problem is, even experienced web designers make bad mistakes for their clients.

Here are the most common errors that your web design professional in Provo, such as Red Rider Creative, must avoid.

Flash Intro That Visitors Can’t Skip

A site intro created in Flash was a big thing a few years ago. Today, if you force site visitors to view through the entire Flash intro, you are off to a terrible start. You are preventing users from finding what they need fast.

Some visitors may appreciate the flashy stuff from time to time, but at least give others the chance to skip them.

Entire Website Created in Flash

You are in trouble if your whole site is in Flash, and you have no version in HTML. Seriously, it has a big impact on the volume of your traffic. For one, many people are using iOS devices to visit your site. Unfortunately, most of them will not be able to view your site.

Mobile-Unfriendly Website

Because most online users today use mobile devices, it will be a big mistake if they cannot view your site on all screen sizes. When creating your content, keep mobile users in mind – from the conception stage up to the testing phase.

Having an Online Contact Form with No Receipt Confirmation

A contact form is a great way for your visitors to connect with you. But, make sure to give them feedback each time they send you a message. You can reply through your website or their email. While placing a contact number would be a good idea, it is not necessary.

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No Contact Information Provided

Do not make it difficult for your visitors to find you. While a link to Yelp or Google Maps would help, you will only lose potential customers this way. Place your contact info in your website’s header, footer, or both.

These common mistakes can adversely affect your site traffic, but you can avoid these errors. The key is to think about your visitors when designing your website.