The Top 4 Ways to Market Your Travel Agency

Travel agent speaking to clientThe travel industry is doing better as economic conditions improve. In fact, expectations for revenue will grow at 1.9 per cent. But challenges, like trends in outbound tourism, may affect this growth. Competition is also another consideration that may impact your revenue. As such, it’s important to increase the promotion of your travel agency.

A good strategy would be to apply search engine optimisation for travel agencies. SEO can increase your online visibility, giving your business better reach. But SEO is just one option; you can also consider the following strategies to market your business.

1. Invest in your website

A client will likely prefer the services of an agency that has an informative and credible website than an agency with a poor site. Your website represents your business, so it has to look good and perform well enough to convert visits into transactions. But what will it need?

An effective website for travel agencies will need:

  • Striking images
  • Customer reviews
  • Clear pricing without hidden fees
  • Descriptive copy
  • Google map integration

2. Engage in social media

Work on improving your social media profile, but do so using the right platform. Not all your target customers may use Facebook; perhaps most will use Twitter and Instagram. Others may prefer Youtube and Pinterest. Determine which platforms your market frequents and then build a solid presence across multiple channels for better reach and engagement.

3. Offer customised travel packages

Distinguish yourself from other travel agencies through various packages, ones that give your target market the freedom to pick elements to include. Whether it’s picking a cruise line or preferring a boutique hotel, custom packages encourage travellers to go with your service.

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4. Target a niche market

Another way to make your travel agency stand out is to target a niche market. Niche travel may not yield as much profit, but it could offer opportunities that give you an edge over competitors. You can focus on adventure travel or dining destinations. You can also do yoga and meditation retreats.

The travel industry is growing. Make the most of the opportunities, online and offline, with the right marketing strategies.