These Practices Will Improve Your Keyword Research

a man doing keyword research

Keywords are important to your online campaigns. These terms allow your target market to find your pages and enable search engines to index your website in its appropriate niche. To gain a competitive advantage, you’ll need to identify the right combination of phrases.

SEO experts from Blue Gorilla Digital in Jupiter cite the following keyword research techniques that can provide you with an edge.

Niche Topics​

Identify a topic that you’ll focus on when you make a website and fill its pages. Once you determine a niche, the process of finding the right search terms gets simpler since you already have content in mind. Specific and related topics build authority and allow you to reach the groups that are likely to convert and recommend your brand. This allows you to develop a rapport with a solid core of customers.

User Intention​

Understanding the intent of the customer allows you to fine-tune the keywords you use for each page. If, for instance, they land on your page, but their intention is different from what your content presents, they might not convert. They could be just at the beginning of the purchasing process, which is looking for information. Visitors in this stage have other things in mind compared to those who already have more details and are just comparing prices.

Head, Body, and Tail Terms​

These three types refer to the most, middle ground, and least competitive keywords. The head is a general phrase that draws a lot of attention but isn’t specific (e.g., rubber shoes or shirts for sale). What you need to target to maximize resources and boost conversion rates are the body and tail words. These two go into better detail about the intention of a potential visitor.

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These are some of the techniques to work with to improve your keyword research. Understanding the intention, knowing the different types of search terms, and identifying niche topics allow you to maximize your campaigns and find a specific target market to approach.