Top Techniques to Stay Relevant on Social Media

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Technology will continue to evolve and new generations of hip and market changing groups come and go. As these go by, the last thing you want to happen to your brand is to become irrelevant. Social media and its new forms in the future is an important tool to enable you to stay relevant.

Experts on social media marketing from Singapore cite the following techniques that allow you to remain relevant in the eyes of your intended audience.

Stay Current

With the development and evolution of technology, new apps and platforms will emerge and become trendy. If you want to stay relevant, you’ll need to identify the ones that your target market uses the most. When you use the platform your audience use, your message will reach them at the best possible touch points. Doing so boosts your conversion rates, allow you to connect with potential customers in different parts of the sales funnel and reach them when they have queries.

Avoid Jumping on the Bandwagon

New apps will come and go; however, using all of them may diminish your brand equity. In such cases, it isn’t always the right decision to jump on the bandwagon of a popular platform just because everyone’s on it. Know your audience, their likes and dislikes, and the communities they are in to determine which new app to use for your campaigns.

One of the key questions to ask when deciding to adopt a new platform is ‘who are its early users?’ If the answer to this issue doesn’t include your target market, it may not be a good idea to use it for future campaigns.

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Build a Strong Brand Identity in a Niche

Having a strong and distinct brand identity in a niche enables you to withstand any changes in the marketplace because you hold a position in the minds of your target market. Create a value proposition and stick to it, to thwart the competition and remain relevant.

These strategies enable you to hold a distinct position in your chosen niche and stay relevant to your intended audience. Implement these to distinguish your brand from the competition and convert at a higher rate.