Top Website Elements to Focus On

Responsive Website Design

Websites are fast becoming the go-to reference for many people who are shopping or looking for solutions to their problems. What they see on your site will create their perception of your brand; this is why putting a lot of effort and thought into the design is of utmost importance.

Website design expert Concept Marketing suggests you focus on improving your site and user experience. Here are some suggestions.

Content-Focused Layouts

Design has shifted away from purely flare and astonishing graphics and is going back to content-focused layouts. Regardless if it comes in the form of memes, thousand word articles or bits and pieces of tweets, people go to sites to consume, read and share content.

What a site needs to do is present this in an efficient and even entertaining way. Minimalist designs and layouts are fast-becoming cool again because it focuses on the information on a page. This allows a visitor to quickly digest and post the piece on their social profiles.

Bigger and Bolder Type

Since the focus shifted to content again, websites that feature copy that resonates and inspires will have an edge. In some cases, putting these in all caps, bigger font (as big as the headline and titles) makes a positive difference.

Bigger and bolder is not just about size and weight of the text, but also the amount of screen it gets on a page. The white space, the colors and elements surrounding content and your brand statement allow you to draw the attention of a visitor to it.

Make your message clear; stand out and distinct to distinguish it from the competition.

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Simpler and Easier to Fill Out Forms

You will need to fill out forms to get data for your newsletters, marketing campaigns and customer profiles. These pieces of information allow you to customize and improve the features of your products and services.

Make the form you put on your website easy to fill out; to increase conversions, reduce the number of fields that require information and use predictive text when necessary.

When you focus on these elements, your site gets a better conversion rate and better user experience. Implement these, to separate your brand from the competition and achieve your business objectives.