Types of Search Engine Marketing Strategies

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Digital marketing makes up a substantial chunk of modern-day marketing. Without visibility in the right places, however, companies do not reap much from online marketing. Search engine marketing or SEM is the best form of online marketing to increase your website’s visibility in search engine result pages.

There are different strategies used for effective online marketing in Singapore, but they all involve optimising visibility on search engines. Getting a company that specialises in various forms of SEM is crucial to propel your online marketing efforts. Here are the common types of SEM.

Organic SEM

This is the primary focus of search marketing. People talking about search engine optimisation or SEO are referring to organic search. It involves the listing of websites considered the most trusted by search engines. The highest-ranking sites are the most successful ones. The essential building blocks of SEO are simple navigation, efficient keywords and links, and high-quality content.

Paid SEM

Paid SEM mainly refers to pay-per-click or PPC advertising. This form of advertising allows you to pay for the placement of your ad in front of relevant web traffic. The placement is influenced the quality score of your ad and the maximum amount you bid for a search query. The quality score is determined by your ad’s relevance, landing page content, and keywords.

Local SEM

Local SEM targets clients in your business locality. This is not just a preserve of local businesses and business-to-consumer or B2C companies. It will also benefit companies operating in broad regions. Local and organic SEM strategies are mostly similar. Local search is however mainly focused on ranking your whole website, whereas organic search focuses on ranking individual pages.

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Investing in all these forms of SEM is sure to get you in front of a relevant audience. Linking organic, local, and paid SEM with social media will further assist in getting and keeping a good online presence. Done right, SEM will help you maximise your return on investment from online marketing.