Web Design for SEO: Finding the Balance between Extravagant and Functional

Web designer checking her website

Fancy websites are here to stay, yet they are starting to fail often and eat up more bandwidth than ever–especially those sites that use Flash or JavaScript.

There are ways, however, to make sure your site is working smoothly for your customers even if you apply the fanciest of updates you can think of. Here’s how to ensure your extravaganza still generates leads instead of annoying your customers:

Always create a Plan B.

If any part of those updates breaks on your end, it can break for millions of users at the same time. So, you need a failsafe site that remains efficient even when your JavaScript fails you the moment you need it. The job of a good web design company in Minnesota is to make sure your site stays functional under the worst possible situations.

Know your limits.

Moderation is key when making those “flashy” updates. They are more noticeable when they are not all over your site. When everything is bouncing and moving, it eliminates that special appeal you create for your viewers.

Limit the number of animated elements on your site. This will significantly improve your page’s load speed and reduce the mental load on your consumers’ brains, as they spend less time wondering what they can or cannot click.

Don’t forget real user tests.

With all the fancy updates you made to your site, you need to test it with real users to see if everything falls into place. The fancier your update, the more it needs tests from users. Even if your website targets web designers alike, getting the feedback from a regular user helps you identify those small updates that need your attention, aside from design.

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Don’t think of your website as some unique piece of art. Limit the use of fancy updates, and your consumers will love you for that.